Greg Dean Answers Stand-Up Comedy Questions

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Write Short Jokes

Hey, it's Greg, In this blog I’ll discuss the importance of keeping jokes, especially one-liner, short and to the point. As Shakespeare wrote, “Brevity is the soul of wit.” Nothing kills a good joke more certainly than smothering it with an avalanche of unnecessary words and information. I...


How to Rate Your Jokes

Hey, it's Greg, In this blog post I’ll take you through one of the fastest ways of creating a show that gets big laughs, even when you’re a beginner. Record Every Show If you think you’re going to remember what happened during your show – you’re wrong. Usually, you’ll recall very little of a...


What if I have Several Punches for the Same Setup?

Hey, it's Greg, First of all having more than one punch for the same setup is a problem worth having. This means you continued to explore even after you found a good punch. Too many comics stop once they’ve found a good punch and I think this is a mistake. Always keep looking for something...